Don't let life's ambushes knock you down! - Get Off the X!

Life ambushes happen to us all, but how you handle it is what matters.

Welcome to NY Times Best Selling Author & Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman’s coaching & Self-Help site.  Jason survived a combat ambush and can teach you how to thrive and succeed through adversity.

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21 Year Retired Navy Seal, who was shot 8 times and walked himself to the med evac helicopter, can teach you how to keep going when life hits you in the face with a 2 X 4!

I served all my adult life in the US Navy SEAL Teams and trained for years learning how to execute viscous and devastating ambushes on enemy forces if given the chance.  In Sept of 2007, I felt first-hand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of this overwhelming firepower.  The feeling of devastation.  The feeling of helplessness.  The desire to just hunker down and hope the pain, cacophony of sound and raw firepower would just go away.  But after years of learning how to deliver an ambush, my team and I knew, the only way to survive was to fight back and get off the X.  This is what we did and thanks to my teammates tenacity and courage, we won the fight and everyone made it home alive. 

I quickly learned that I got off one X only to step into a new ambush and a new X.  It was the life ambush that erupted due to my injuries and the four-year journey of surgeries, rehabs, setbacks and successes that led ultimately to my medical retirement from the SEAL Teams.  I could have gotten bitter. But Thanks to my training, I recognized the mechanics of an enemy ambush were the same as the real-world ambush I found myself in and the only thing I could do to survive was to GET OFF THE X! 

Today, I have come to learn and appreciate people all over the world have been crushed and overwhelmed by life ambushes.  And like so many bewildered enemy forces caught in the cross fire, they sit on the X and wither and die.   Maybe not physically, but emotionally and mentally, they cease living after this catastrophic event.  I am here to tell you, in order to survive and thrive, you have to GET OFF THE X.  There are the principles I am now teaching in my online courses on this site, in my Overcome Army group coaching program and in my individual coaching program.  Additionally you can rock your Overcome Mindset with Overcome, Get off the X and No Bays Merchandise!


Join the Overcome Army to GET OFF THE X, learn to lead yourself, build that relentless Overcome Mindset and surround yourself with like-minded positive individuals looking to achieve success in this life.

Overcome Army is a monthly Subscription based Group Coaching program for those looking for Motivation to take it to the next level in all aspects of their lives and surround themselves with fellow Overcomers helping to hold each other accountable.


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20 Minute Intro Call with Jason Redman to discuss your goals and focus for the Overcome Army

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Weekly Classes and interactive Monday Muster by Jason Redman and other inspiring leaders and coaches

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Learn how to overcome adversity with proven habits and mindsets taught by Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman

I have spent the better part of my adult life in the business world.  From new ventures, to failures, to partnerships and massive successes.  Today, I am able to take so many of the lessons I have learned in building massive wealth and teach others how to be the best versions of themselves and MAX OUT their lives in all areas.  Jason Redman’s book Overcome is a living blueprint for so many people I have met over the course of my life.  They are literally stuck; stuck in their heads, stuck in their relationships, stuck in dead end positions, stuck in life!  Overcome lays out how they can “Get off the X” as Jason puts it in Navy SEAL jargon, move forward and find success!  Read this book if you are ready to move forward and MAX OUT!!

Ed Mylett – Author of Max Out your Life, Host of #1 ranked podcast, The Ed Mylett Show, named one of Forbes’s magazines wealthiest 50 people under 50 years old

What Our Members Are Saying

I use the Overcome journal every day, it's great! It's taking effort, but will soon become a habit. I'm extremely grateful for the guidance, leadership, and mentorship, from you and the people I'm meeting in the OA, Jay!!
Overcome Army Member
I can’t explain what an impact the Overcome Army and Jason Redman is having for me. YOU are having a Positive impact in my life and in this world. Keep it up my friend.
Overcome Army Member
This is the sort of program I very much needed in my life and I didn’t even know it! I’m just so glad I am a part of it. It is very much worth the money.
Overcome Army Member
I love the Overcome Army becomes it keeps me on track and accountable. That’s what everyone needs to accomplish their goals and that’s what this provides, accountability and a course to follow!
Overcome Army Member

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You’ve been asking for it and IT IS HERE! • Signed Copies of Overcome are now available! • PLUS • 1 of 1000 Limited Edition Overcome Book Coins • This is worth $55 but we just put it on sale for $44.99 • When the coins are gone - they are gone • We also have a 2020 in 2020 Bundle package available! • $20 Signed Overcome • $20 Limited Edition Book Coin • $20 Signed Trident • $20 Jason Redman Challenge Coin • $110 value - all on sale for $79.99 • Limited inventory • Clock ⏰ is ticking • Tap on the video to purchase straight through our online store • #overcome #thetrident #challengecoins #signedbooks #getoffthex Tap on the video



I have encouraged all my fellow veterans to continue to serve their communities in some capacity • That your time In uniform doesn’t mean the end of your service. • If anything it should make us fight even more for the Freedoms we fought for & defended • I’m humbled and honored to have taken the 1st step to serve my community having been appointed to the City of Chesapeake Virginia’s Commission on Veterans Affairs • I pledge to do all in my power to ensure our veterans rights are protected & preserved • To ensure our sacrifice is always honored • And to ensure Chesapeake’s Veterans always have a voice • 🇺🇸We the People 🇺🇸 @cityofchesapeakeva @alanp.krasnoff @billdesteph



Every day is a New Day to achieve Greatness. • No matter how long and dark the night is, the sun, eventually, always will rise. • Tomorrow always will come. • It may not be the tomorrow you wanted or hoped for, but it will come. • It is up to you to be ready for it. • To shape it and make it what it will be. • You can’t change the past but you control your future as long as you’re willing to . . • Get off the ❌ • And Overcome. 🔥🔱🔥 • #overcome #overcomearmy #getoffthex #motivation #motivationmonday #sunriseoftheday #newdayinspiration #navyseals



This picture was taken immediately after I walked off stage at my Ted Talk! • They told me I SLAYED it & how did I feel?!?! • I told them I felt AMAZING & that this talk was going to help millions Get off their ❌ • And then I jumped up and clicked my heels!! Haha. • The photographer captured it right at the perfect moment • What’s holding you back? • What stops you from jumping for joy in your life?!?! • The reality is it’s YOU • You have a choice • That’s exactly what my Ted Talk is about • The link to my 14 minute talk is in my profile • Watch it and share it with anyone who needs motivation to break out of the rut they are in & Get off the ❌ that they are stuck on! • You want more money? • You want to be in better shape? • You want to be more successful in your relationships? • It starts with you and your choices • Watch this Ted talk for motivation to start crushing it! • #tedtalks #tedtalk #tedx #tedxtalks #tedxspeaker • @tedxbeaconstreet



All of us need reminders to push ourselves when the adversity drags us down. • Even me - Mr. Overcome himself • I like a reminder to live by the principles I teach. • So to do that I created a new 2020 challenge coin with my skull and The pentagon of peak performance on one side • And my main slogans on the other • Get off the ❌ • Lead Always • Overcome All • No Bad Days • I did it to have a constant reminder that I could see & touch when I felt the adversity drag me down • I have one on me at all times now • And I have an BOLD INVITATION for all of you!! • Often times in life when you want something the biggest hurdle to overcome is your ability to MAN UP & just ask for it • So, The first person who sees this and comes up to me and asks for my coin - I’m going to give it to you • Then, I’m going to follow you on IG and we’ll do a video highlighting who you are. • I’m flying to Vegas today!!! • Who’s it gonna be?!?! • As for the rest of you we are running a sale right now! • Get your own brand NEW CHALLENGE COIN FOR 2020. • TO REMIND YOU DAILY TO ACCEPT TODAYS CHALLENGES AND OVERCOME. • CHALLENGE ACCEPTED • Click on the coin in the picture to get yours today!



Little news in a Big news environment!!



Amazing new episode of the Overcome & Conquer Show drops today • Episode 35 Ray and Jay interview @real_sawman about his military career, career in federal law enforcement and current focus on stopping the international scourge of child sex trafficking through his non-profit - @vets4childrescue • This may be one of the most powerful episodes we have done as we get into a gut-wrenching personal traumatic event that happened to Craig & his family & fueled him to fight even harder against sexual predators • It is a story that left three hardened warrior frogmen in tears • You don’t want to miss this episode with “Craig “Sawman” Sawyer • Go to my profile to get the link or go to my story to swipe straight to this powerful episode • @raycashcare @ryanhdd • #craigsawmansawyer #craigsawyer #overcomeandconquer #overcomeandconquershow #overcome #conquer #raycashcare #raycare #jasonredman #getoffthex



Ready to crush those goals in 2020? • So many people set off with “New Years Resolutions” only to give up within weeks of starting • Why?!?! • Because most people make their goals too big on unrealistic timelines & focus on the end state instead of the intermediate steps to get there • This picture was taken right as I finished Navy SEAL training Hell week in March of 1995 • Hell week was a major hurdle on my path to becoming a SEAL • But it was only one goal in a long journey of goals • I still had at least a year of pain & struggle to get to my final end state of being a SEAL • If I had backed off and started to look at all the other goals to get to my end state I could easily be overwhelmed & quit • And this is what so many people do • They focus on the end state without focusing on all the small goals to get there • There is no short cut to achieve big goals • It is identifying the big goal - the end state and then setting waypoints or small goals on the path to get there recognizing it may take months or even years to get to the end state • So today on Jan 1st of 2020 set that end state goal & then identify the waypoint goals to move in that direction • Elite performers are goal setters • They understand to get to the end state requires focus on the waypoints not the end • I encourage you to set your goals in 3 month increments • Focus on the next three months • One goal physical - making your body better • One goal personal - making yourself better • And one goal professional - getting better in your job or academic journey • I call these the 3P’s of goal setting and if you focus on these waypoints I guarantee you’ll ultimately achieve your big goals • I’ve got some big things coming in 2020 • A new app with courses to help you accomplish those goals and be the best version of you • The best version of you is out there • I can help you get there • Get off the ❌ in 2020



Are you ready to change & Overcome in 2020? • Congrats - readiness & recognition is the first step! • The bad news is most of you won’t change • Most will talk about it • Some will start it • Very few will implement long term “move the needle” change in their lives • Why? • Because of the pyramid of change • In order to truly change, it takes a plan, the proper pace, it takes endurance to execute that plan & an overcome mindset to deal with the discomfort • Most won’t do that • Some will continue to live in the bottom level - no effort - no results • Others will be off to the races blistering along at a pace that is unsustainable and leads to mistakes & burnout - I know A LOT of Type A’s and entrepreneurs who live at this level (Yours truly is guilty) • Most of you will live in your comfort zone - achieving the status quo & not really moving the needle towards any major goal • If you truly want to create change you have find the balance between the zone of discomfort & your comfort zone without pushing do hard into the burnout zone • Want to learn more? • Ready to crush your goals in 2020? • Pick up my new book Overcome • It is a blueprint to get past failure, setbacks and sticking points in your life • I talk all about the Pyramid I’d Change in Overcome • It lays out a road map how to create long term change and lead yourself to lasting success • Because the reality is if you don’t have a plan to get off the ❌ • You’ll just find yourself still sitting there come 2021 • Time to Get off the ❌ in 2020 • Check out my story for a direct swipe up to learn more about my new book Overcome



Amazing 1st day of skiing in Breckenridge. We plan our annual ski vacation every year & it is something I look forward to & work towards every year. Time in the beautiful mountain air with my amazing family. A little chilly 🥶-7 last night and 1 degrees tonight. Gotta love a warm up!! Warner weather & snow ❄️ is coming!