I'm Jason Redman and I’m here to help you build a better you.

I am a retired Navy SEAL, US Army Ranger School graduate, wounded warrior, and NY Times and Amazon bestselling author. I have met three presidents, received multiple high-level military and civilian awards, and launched three successful businesses. I am a devoted husband, still married after 20 years, and father of three great kids who are all goal setters themselves.

Despite these ultimate successes, I’ve also experienced massive failures, sticking points and setbacks along the way!

The bottom line: I found success because I learned how to focus on positivity and relentless forward momentum, what I call “getting off the X” and “moving the needle” in life! And what applies to my life can apply to yours — with the same effect.

If you apply my principles you will follow your mission to success through any adversity.

From my online courses, to my Overcome Army group coaching programs, or my survival and defense training, I have a program to help you get off the X in your life, define your mission and successfully crush your short- and long-term goals

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Whatever your budget, we have a program for you!

The Overcome Mindset

Three sessions to building your foundation for an unshakable Overcome Mindset.


Led by Jason Redman and complete with videos, tools and downloadable worksheets, How to Build the Overcome Mindset is a first step on your path to reclaiming and resetting your life.

Based upon nearly 30 years of elite-performance and leadership training, tactics, experience and missions accomplished, including that which shaped his 21-year U.S. Navy SEAL career, it’s a waypoint on your journey to being prepared to get off the X and move forward, to survive and thrive despite the contingency for life ambushes.


Overcome Army

A group coaching program focused on building better leadership, structure, & resiliency in all aspects of our lives.

Overcome Army places you into a private group with other individuals striving to accomplish their goals. Members rely on each other for positivity, motivation, accountability and community to stay the course.

Our five amazing coaches go live every week with messages of leadership, teamwork, navigating setbacks and how to stay off that X so you can have the support you are looking for to keep grinding forward!


Jay’s positive mindset to overcome all is contagious. When working with him as my coach, I immediately felt a new level of motivation coupled with a new angle of creative problem solving. Most of my advisors have decades of experience in business, and it’s refreshing for me to gain a new perspective from a real warrior. I would recommend Jay to anyone looking to achieve success in life, business, and elite performance.

Darren Pierce
CEO, MessageBuy

Pointman for Life Mastermind

A three-month group coaching program that helps positive achievers looking to level up.

The Pointman for Life Mastermind group coaching program puts you into a private group of 15-20 like-minded individuals who want to become Pointmen in all aspects of their lives.

You and your classmates will go on a journey to develop a mission statement for your life and/or business, identify your long-term destination for success, and set your course and waypoints to get there.


Pointman for Life - Course

A three-month, 12-module online course that teaches you to become a Pointman for your own life.

The Pointman for Life Course includes videos by Jason Redman, worksheets, quizzes, tools and challenges to help you develop a relentless OVERCOME mindset.

Learn how to:

  • Become a mission-driven leader
  • Clearly define your destination & set your course
  • Understand and identify risks on horizon, avoiding them if possible
  • Overcome any personal, physical or professional ambush


Pointman for Life - 1:1

Meet with Jason or the Overcome Academy coach of your choice for one hour each week to become a Pointman for your own life.

The Pointman for Life Individual Coaching Program gives you the full and undivided attention of one of our coaches for three months of weekly sessions.

You will be guided through the Pointman Principles with one-on-one, individualized instruction.

Complete a coaching assessment to see if you are a good fit for this program.

Starting at $3,000

Thinking back over the past few years, I’ve been faced with some difficult decisions that I found myself unprepared to make with confidence. I found myself stuck in a state of indecisiveness. I’ve never sought out traditional therapy, but I knew I needed help…Our discussions and the inspiration I have derived from our relationship have allowed me to evaluate and tackle life’s important decisions with confidence. Some require therapy and some require medication, but thankfully my route was connecting with you.

Overcome Army Member

On-Demand Coaching Call

Schedule a personal coaching call with
Jason or the Overcome Academy coach
of your choice.

Don’t have time for courses or drawn-out coaching programs?

Have a personal, physical or professional problem that you think Jason Redman or an OA coach can help you solve in one or two sessions?


Schedule a call with a coach today!


Starting at

"I Got Point" Executive Program

A one year coaching experience custom-developed for each individual.

For one year, Jason will become your Pointman for Life.

He’ll fly out and spend 72 hours with you to learn all about you – professionally, personally, and physically. He’ll learn your strengths, weaknesses, areas of balance and areas that need immediate work.

You’ll meet with Jason weekly and he’ll visit you in-person quarterly to develop a customized coaching program based on your objectives. You’ll also have sessions with some of the top coaches in the country who will help you reach your goals.

Working with Jason has helped me overcome many challenges I’ve faced in my business and personal growth. From combat to his own life experiences, Jason brings a unique life perspective to the table that really is unmatched. I’ve learned more about myself, my own limitations and how to consistently elevate my game to the next level. I would recommend working with Jason without hesitation. He is the real deal.

Kevin Vanacore