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Are you stuck in life
and ready to get off the X?

On-demand, personal coaching calls. Instant access to support without a long-term commitment. – Starting as low as $100/session!

Now Accepting Private, 1:1 Coaching Clients

Have a single personal, physical or professional problem that you think we can help you solve in one or two sessions? Are you going through or do you see on the horizon a micro, mini or major life ambush? Do you need one-one-one guidance to help achieve personal and professional success and take life to the next level?

Our 1:1 coaching programs give you instant access to support with a variety of program options to suit your needs. Preferred pricing is available for multiple sessions and for Overcome Army members of more than six months in the Overcome Army Exclusives section of the Overcome Store.

Package Options Include:

One Session

1 x 30-minute Session
1 x Hour Session

$100 – $500

Five Sessions

5 x 30-minute Session
5 x Hour Session

$450 – $2,250

Ten Sessions

10 x 30-minute Session
10 x Hour Session

$850 – $4,250

Coaching packages start as low as $100 a session.

Financing and payment options available at checkout.

3-month 1:1 Pointman for Life Program available with any coach!

Be aware – space is limited. Coaches are taking on a max number of private, 1:1 coaching clients each month.

Meet the Coaches

Jason is a retired Navy SEAL who was severely wounded in Iraq. Thirteen years and 40 surgeries later, Jason is a NY Times best-selling author, renowned motivational speaker and coach. He delivers profoundly inspirational and effective messages and training on leadership, teamwork and the “Overcome Mindset,” helping individuals “Get Off the X” from life ambushes and become Pointmen in their own lives.

Shawn is a USMC combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. During combat tours in Iraq, Shawn experienced heavy combat, with multiple IED explosions resulting in a life-changing traumatic brain injury (TBI) which for a period of time impacted his ability to speak. Today he is a veterans advocate and shares his story to help motivate and inspire others.

Ozzie is a USMC combat-disabled veteran, non-profit CEO of Operation WetVet, and host of The Post Traumatic Survival Podcast. After returning home from serving in the Marine Corps, he was never the same. He has battled PTSD for more than 10 years, to the points of separating from his wife, hitting rock bottom and wanting to end it all. Today he helps others learn to survive and thrive after trauma.

Kenny is an 18-year veteran of the fire service where he currently serves as a Lieutenant. He is a strong advocate for first responder mental health. He has been on his department’s Peer Support Team since 2009. Kenny overcame a major personal life ambush and shares his story on podcasts and in person to help others not only survive but thrive after their own life ambushes.

Sierra is an I.S.S.A.-certified personal trainer dedicated to the health and well being of others. She is a competitive olympic weightlifter and big-time advocate for entrepreneurship. Sierra believes that a truly healthy lifestyle is about so much more than just losing weight or working out. Each person’s “healthy lifestyle” looks very different. It’s all about learning what makes you tick and finding balance.

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