Pointman for LIfe 1:1 coaching with jason redman

So you’ve seen many of my group coaching offerings, but the reality is this…

“If I’m going to pay, I want
Jason Redman’s full, undivided attention.

Hire Jason to teach you the Pointman for Life course and he’ll work with you one-on-one with his acclaimed Pointman for Life program. Think you’re a good fit? Complete the coaching assessment to snag your spot.

Meet with Jason for one hour each week to become a Pointman for your own life. – $9,999

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Let me help you build a better way.

A life of purpose. A life guided by a mission. A life guided by clear destinations, a set course and waypoints to achieve your goals and complete your journeys.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to do exactly that.  Define who you are and what your life mission is and let it guide you despite any ambush, darkness or adversity that comes along.

Most importantly, I will personally teach you to become a Pointman for your own life.

What is a Pointman, you ask?

He is a leader.

A warrior.

A navigator.

That legendary military individual who has nerves of steel, an inner compass and GPS rolled into one, and an unworldly sixth sense to detect dangerous ambushes lurking on the horizon.

As a SEAL, at one point, I was a point man. Later in my military career, I relied on our point men to navigate our routes, identify the most efficient way to achieve our objectives, and recognize and avoid potential ambushes and danger points along the way.

If only we all had our own point men in life.

Well, in the Pointman for Life 1:1 program, I become your point man guiding you through the Pointman for Life way. Yes, I will teach you how to become the point man for your own life.  

The Pointman for Life 1:1 Course is a three-month, 12-module weekly course led live by retired Navy SEAL, peak performance coach and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman, complete with worksheets, quizzes, tools and challenges to teach you how to become a point man for your own life. 

In the Pointman for Life course, you will become a mission-driven leader who clearly defines a destination (long-term goals) and sets a course (short-term goals), all while understanding and identifying the risks on the horizon. You will learn to avoid them, if possible, while developing a relentless Overcome Mindset to REACT and overcome any personal, physical or professional life ambush.  

I will teach you the four Pointman Principles, my tools to build a relentless Overcome Mindset and Get off the X from any ambush. You will learn long- and short-term goal-setting tools to maintain “singularity of focus” and stay on course despite life distractions. You will understand how to maintain balance as a leader through my Pentagon of Peak Performance. You will develop the skills to move the needle every day with my Rule of 3Ps, to evaluate risks and to attain the situational awareness needed to avoid, or at least mitigate, future ambushes on the horizon.


On top of all that, you will also receive a signed copy of my quarterly, weekly and daily Pointman Planner and Pointman Mission Poster. I will personally teach you how to use the planner to stay on course regardless of what storms lie ahead.


If you and your goals are a good fit, then we’ll set up a Zoom call to ensure:

Once we agree to work together, we’ll set up our weekly calls and I’ll show you how to:

Jason’s Pointman for Life coaching and approach have really helped me through a difficult time and have made me much more resilient and ready to better address and overcome issues. I read Jason’s book, Overcome, and found it to be one of the most insightful and motivating books. In working with him as a coach, he adeptly applies those experiences and tailors them to his individual client.

Not only did we address career-related issues, but the Pentagon of Peak Performance was invaluable in looking at all aspects of life, and striving to make improvements and overcome challenges. His past experiences are unmatched and he brings that to the coaching and provides a real motivation to strive and do better.

He is head and shoulders far above other coaches I have worked with. I would absolutely recommend Jason and his Pointman for Life program to anyone who wants to address challenges and excel.

~ Alicia A.

Tired of feeling adrift in life?

Ready to work directly with peak performance coach and NY Times bestselling author Jason Redman himself? Ready to become the point man you were meant to be?

Purchasing the Pointman for Life 1:1 course is the first step to becoming the point man for your own life!

Strap in. The path to start smashing your goals begins today.

Financing is available.