Join Tuesday’s Webinar featuring Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman, Fit Body Bootcamp CEO Bedros Keuilian, and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon!

Navy SEAL partners with Multi-Millionaire and Medical Doctor to help you Overcome the COVID-19 Life Ambush and keep your family, life and business thriving – even during these uncertain times. 
If you have a pulse, then you’ve been impacted by the global pandemic known as COVID-19 or the Corona Virus.
Odds are it’s impacted your money, too. There is virtually no one who has not been impacted. 
Everyone has felt the pain; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually and most importantly FINANCIALLY.
We are in what I call a “LIFE AMBUSH” and we all have been rocked to the core and are pinned on the X.
My name is Jason Redman, I’m a retired US Navy SEAL and I’m here to help you.
And if you’re struggling, stressed out, overwhelmed, burned out and white knuckling just to hold it together during this massively stressful time then you’ll want to sign up for our Overcome and Thrive Web-class so that you can reclaim control and structure in your life despite the fear and chaos around you. 
As a Navy SEAL, I trained and prepared to survive and dominate in some of the worst conditions on the planet and right now we are currently in uncharted waters medically and financially. 
I am being bombarded with the same questions from my friends and coaching clients… 
· What do I do in my business? 
· What do I do for my health? 
· What if I have a high risk person in my home? 
· What if I have a baby in my home?
· How do I go shopping for essential items and avoid contracting the virus?
· How do I maintain some sort of schedule when the world has been turned upside down?
· How do I take care of my health despite my gym being closed?
· How do I stay positive and lead my family?
· What do I tell my kids?
. What if there are looting and riots?


 Navy SEALs are some of the best in the world at accomplishing our missions and overcoming massive adversity and one of the biggest ways we do this is through MINDSET, PREPARATION and building a strong team of relentless SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS around us.

Which is exactly what I did as these questions were pouring in. 
I reached out to relentless Subject Matter Experts who I would turn to AND have turned to in times like this. 
I called on my friend, Bedros Keuilian. Bedros is a multi-Millionaire and Billionaire business Coach, Founder of the Multi-Million Dollar Gym Franchise Fit Body Boot Camp and three other multi million dollar companies and author of the best-selling business book, Man Up
Bedros will be providing business insights on how to pivot in business ambushes, leverage technology, maintain motivation in your remote teams and offer value to potential customers that can not only save your business but actually grow it and position you to thrive!
Then I called upon renowned my own health and wellness optimization doctor, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, known for her expertise in optimizing some of the worlds’ best athletes,Special Operations personnel, and leaders in their respective fields. Dr. Gabrielle has been studying body nutrition, preventative medicine and fitness, her entire career and is sought out by the best of the best. 
She will be weighing in on how to take care of yourself physically through these challenging times, the vital importance of keeping a healthy body and how to protect yourself, your staff, and your loved ones through this highly contagious pandemic.
And she’ll share with you what to do to survive and fully recover should you get the COVID-19 virus. 
This is very important for you to know!
Then, I Jason Redman, will be sharing with you the mindset, Navy SEALs have used for years to deal with bone crunching and mind numbing adversity.
As well as how to prepare for the potential worst in the unlikely chance of looting and riots.
Listen, the warrior mindset is everything. I call it the Overcome Mindset, and it has helped me overcome an almost career ending leadership failure, how I survived and thrived from being shot 8 times in an enemy ambush, including a round to the face, and then how I overcame a devastating business ambush that almost brought down my company. 
I will share with you how to have perspective in the face of distressing odds. How to keep driving forward despite being inundated with negativity and hopelessness and how to create balance, structure and discipline to keep moving the needle in life when others have been overwhelmed into inaction and impotence. 
I will share with you the same peak performance mindset that allowed my brothers and I to accomplish our missions in the most brutal, unforgiving battle zones of Iraq and Afghanistan and how you can protect yourself and family in chaos. 

Don’t settle for the pervading mindset of there is nothing we can do. 

And during the Overcome and Thrive Web-class we will help you do just that.
And the reality is this. 
Despite what you have heard, the world is not coming to an end. 
Hard times are ahead for sure. 
But those who meet it with a proactive, overcome mindset will not just survive, you will thrive.
Ready to build that mindset and weather the storm?
Do not miss out on this! We’re going to teach you what the news media is NOT telling you to keep yourself safe, healthy, financially thriving and mentally strong. 
Register for this today. 
This Web-class takes place on Tuesday March 31 at 6 PM EST/ 5PM CST/ 4PM MST/ 3 PM PST
Sign up today and thrive. 


Jason Redman is a retired Navy Lieutenant who spent eleven years as an enlisted Navy SEAL and almost ten years as a SEAL officer. Redman served multiple deployments throughout Central and South America pre-9/11 and Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. After being severely wounded in Iraq in 2007, Redman returned to active duty before retiring in 2013.


In 2013 he launched a speaking and consulting company which focuses on inspirational presentations on leadership, teamwork and the “Overcome Mindset” helping individuals, companies and teams to “GET OFF THE X” ™ from “Life Ambushes.” Redman additionally provides workshops, online programs, executive coaching and business consulting to businesses around the world and group coaching through his “Get off the X Training and Overcome Army™ coaching programs. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir The Trident along with his second book Overcome, released in Dec 2019. He lives with his family in Virginia.  

Bedros Keuilian is founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp three times listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 fastest growing franchises in the world. He’s also the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller Man Up and known as the hidden genius behind many of the top businesses, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. 


His list of clients include New York Times best-selling authors, celebrities, NFL athletes, Navy SEALS and massive social influencers who turn to him when they want to create highly profitable brands and businesses. 


An immigrant from a communist country turned hugely successful entrepreneur and peak performance coach Bedros uses the stage, TV, and social media to share his Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire audiences worldwide to reach their fullest potential in business and in life.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a Washington University fellowship trained physician in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics and is board certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation. She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition, Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism at the University of Illinois. Dr. Lyon works closely with the Special Operations Military and has a private practice in NYC.


In addition, her practice services, innovators, mavericks, executives, and anyone looking to level up their health. Dr. Lyon brings unparalleled results to her patients with personalized advanced nutritional interventions, metabolic and genetic testing, and behavioral action implementation. 


She leverages evidence-based medicine with emerging cutting-edge science to restore metabolism, balance hormones and optimizes body composition with the goal of a lifetime of vitality.

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