The 72 Hours to Peak Performance Course

Proven tools to OVERCOME failure and dominate life in only 72 Hours.


72 Hours to Peak Performance is an eight-module course designed to get you moving & productive in 72 hours or less.

I meet so many successful people who just feel BROKEN and off balance. They have the house and take the vacations but they just feel like a hamster on a wheel. Always behind, stressed, further off balance and further from accomplishing their goals.

You’re stuck on the X.

As a Navy SEAL, I know what it’s like to overcome adversity and achieve my goals. But I also know what it’s like when you get stuck on that X, in a life ambush, feeling hopeless.

You see, I have been on the X in my military and professional career.

I have been on the X in an enemy ambush.

I have been on the X in my personal life and even in my physical life battling grievous war wounds and later an unknown health crisis.

All of us will experience adversities, setbacks and difficulties in life. Perhaps you are experiencing one right now – that overwhelming feeling of uncontrollability choking you out:

The feeling of, “there is no hope.”

The feeling of, “there is nothing I can do.”

The feeling of, “it is all outside of my control.”

I call these life ambushes, and sooner or later you’re going to have that defining life ambush, just like I did while on a mission in Fallujah, Iraq.

(More about my ambush in the course)

Your ambush might be your business leaking so much money that you’re about to sell the house and cram your family into a tiny, roach-infested apartment in the wrong part of town, just to keep your head above water.

Your ambush might be your doctor telling you we don’t know what’s wrong with you but you may die by the age of 45, even though it seems like only yesterday you were a young buck with a lean body, tons of energy, and a bright future ahead of you. (I have actually lived through this life ambush.)

Your ambush might be your spouse telling you the fire is gone and it’s time for a divorce, and you’re ready to scream because don’t they realize you’ve been working yourself to the bone for them too?

Stop. Take a deep breath. My name is Jason Redman, I’m a US Navy SEAL and I’m here to help you.

Your ambush is coming, so you must always be prepared for it.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a life ambush at this very moment, and you want to lead yourself, your family, or your business out of it.

I trained and prepared to survive the worst. Most people die when they get shot in the head. Because of my training, teammates, and external support, I didn’t.

—Are you trained? Do you have teammates? Do you have external support?

I’m not just here to help you survive. I’m here to instill in you the same peak performance and overcome mindset that allowed my brothers and me to accomplish our missions in the most brutal, unforgiving battle zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I can tell you from hard experience that the life ambushes you encounter can be just as deadly as the combat ambush that nearly cost me everything. The good news is, the same strategies apply to you as they did to me on the battlefield.

It’s not too late for you. You’re not “over the hill” or “past your prime” or “out of luck.” In fact, you’re actually in the perfect position to start fresh and become the best version of you.

The path to taking your life back is not complicated.

You don’t have to be a Navy SEAL, and it does not require an iron will or the strength of Hercules.

I know because I developed these teachings while I was laid up in a hospital bed, undergoing 40 surgeries, receiving 1,200 stitches, 200 staples, 15 skin grafts, and one tracheotomy.

You should know that I felt every failure, every loss, every defeat in the pit of my soul. I experienced all the shame, guilt, rage, despair, sadness, and humiliation you would expect.

Seven years after my retirement from the SEAL Teams, I am a NY Times and Amazon bestselling author, highly sought-after speaker, peak performance coach and successful entrepreneur.

Today, I share my success strategies with worldwide audiences with only one mission—to teach how to react to adversity, failure and massive change and the OVERCOME Mindset that has helped me succeed as a SEAL and in business.

It all starts here, with the first lesson from me to you – the battlefield of life.

You Have One Objective: Get Off the X and Overcome

In any combat scenario, we call the point of attack the “X.” The X is when the enemy has you in their crosshairs and executes their attack.

In life, it’s when your business is in the red, your blood pressure is off the charts, and you can still hear the deafening thud of the divorce papers landing on your desk.

When you’re on the X, it is not the time for you to hesitate, the time to feel sorry for yourself.  it is not the time to look for something or someone to blame.

The victor in any battle is the side who can get off the X faster than the enemy can keep them there. Because once you are off the X, you can go offensive, move forward with momentum, and win. This is the fundamental principle that ties together everything I teach.

It’s not just about getting off the X, it is about being a positive, balanced leader with the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual reserves to make great decisions both during the good times, and more importantly during the bad times. I call this balance through the Pentagon of Peak Performance.


From the hospital bed to the collapse of my business, I developed a system to get myself off the X and create peak performance in every area of my life.

I knew from the start that this had to be one contiguous system – something I could apply every day, every week, every month, year in and year out. Something that, if I got off course, I could reset and reapply my leadership balance immediately. Not complicated, and certainly not something that had me changing the rules every time I reached a new level of success.

That’s why I dug deep and found the five critical factors that will accelerate anyone in the direction of peak performance, regardless of where or when they begin.

Those five critical factors are:

  1. Physical Leadership
  2. Mental Leadership
  3. Emotional Leadership
  4. Social Leadership
  5. Spiritual Leadership


These five critical factors comprise the Pentagon of Peak Performance.

Soon, the Pentagon will become so ingrained in your life that you will find it becomes muscle memory – like how your brain intuitively knows which foot comes next when you’re walking. Once you reach that state, you will continue to see your success grow in all aspects of your life.

It’s Your Turn Now!

I would never ask you to suffer the things I have suffered. While I am extraordinarily grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, I don’t believe they are a requirement for achieving peak performance and building an Overcome Mindset. 

In fact, I believe the most important work I can do now is to impart these lessons to you so your next ambush does not crush you, but instead transforms you into a better human being.

I’ve extracted the fundamental system that governs my life and packaged it into a format that lets you download it from my brain to yours in 72 hours or less.

What is 72 Hours to Peak Performance and what do you get?  

72 Hours to Peak Performance is an eight-module video course designed for you to complete in just 72 hours. It guides you through my Pentagon of Peak Performance so you can get off the X and starting leading yourself, your family, and your career to a higher level of success.

Each module comes with specific action steps and downloadable forms to keep you on track and organized so, once completed, lessons are firmly planted in your mind. Plus, you get my downloadable JR Overcome 30-day Journal built around these same principles, so that you stay the course.

And, new, vital bonus content:

“It hit the spot 100 percent. It helped me to really recognize for the first time that I was in a life ambush. I felt equipped to begin my overcome journey and immediately was making significant progress off the X. It is powerful and perennial. I felt that it was very motivational and super supportive. An incredible resource made by spectacular team whose genuine interest in your improvement is palpable. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Kara D

ONLY $49.99

Let’s Get Started!

I’ve distilled the lessons so that if you commit, you can become a Peak Performer in only 72 hours! This is like having a decorated Navy SEAL coach you on your mindset, habits, decision making and action taking for a small fraction of what you would pay to work with me one-on-one.

I’ve designed it that way because I know that even high performers tend to procrastinate, simply because we lead busy lives and we have real, pressing demands on our time. But if you’re willing to commit for 72 hours, then you’re going to learn strategies to overcome any challenge, operate at your highest levels, be balanced as a leader and live a fantastic life.

Only $49.99

My hope is 72 Hours to Peak Performance will create such a profound transformation in your business and life that you can’t wait to work with me again in one of my future courses, 1:1 coaching, or my in-person and virtual mentorship workshops. 

With each step you take on this journey, you will see greater peaks to climb. But, in order to reach and overcome the first peak, you’ve got to make the decision, right now, to take action and get 72 Hours to Peak Performance. 

All it takes is 72 hours.