Level Up With Jason Redman

⭐ Two Grand Prize Winners ⭐

Win an amazing weekend in Chicago Illinois  to participate in the Roger Up Personal Development Event 2023 – Class 002

(Dates – TBD)

Join Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman, the Long Haired Admiral and other incredible speakers and coaches like Nick Koumalatsos, Byron Rodgers and Sifu Alan Baker among others.  Each winner will receive one ticket to the Roger Up main event, Jason Redman Mastermind dinner and lodging for the weekend.  Travel expenses are the responsibility of the winners.   Winners will also receive a limited edition Jason Redman numbered Overcome coin and numbered Overcomer of the Quarter coin!

This life we live is about challenge.

Yet MOST people don’t want challenge, they just want to be comfortable. The problem with comfort is we lose our edge. We lose our competitive spirit. WE lose our drive to win. We lose our mindset to FIGHT! Basically…WE lose.

So I CHALLENGE YOU to CHALLENGE YOURSELF and join our 90 Day Overcome Challenge!

Are you ready to FINALLY get in shape?

Are you ready to finally have a plan to get better mentally?

Are you ready to finally learn how to have gratitude for the things we have in this life?

These are all the parts of our 90 Day Overcome Challenge.

Challenge Details

What do you get for joining the challenge?

How Do I Enter?

Go to the link below and pay the admission price. Then on Jan 1st 2023 we will email you the tracking link to submit your info and track your progress.  In our tracker you will post a picture of yourself in bathing suit or workout attire taken within a week of Jan 1st.

Post current weight and body fat (To win it must come from a coach, body fat/ assessment machine /scale (picture or printout),  doctor’s office or fitness facility for verification – we will not accept just an arbitrary number).

Then submit no more than a 500 word write-up of what you hope to Overcome and accomplish in the next 90 days from this challenge (This can be mental as well as physical


Then, every week you will have to:

You will track your weekly progress 📊 with your custom online personal tracker. You will have seven days to mark every week that you have completed the seven things above. HONOR System applies! If you miss a week – you are out of the contest. You will not be able to go back and enter info after the week.

At the end of the 90 days on Mar 31st – you post current weight and body fat (Once again – to win it must come from a coach or fitness facility for verification).

Then submit no more than a 500 word write-up of what you Overcame and accomplished in the next 90 days from this challenge (This can be mental as well as physical).

We Will Have Two Winners!

Winners will be selected and announced within two weeks of completed challenge.

  1. One  WINNER for overall physical gains based on biggest change – weight loss and fat loss or muscle gain, fat loss
  2. Biggest overcomer WINNER (Based on written summary of what you hoped to accomplish and overcome) – Top Five voted on by coaches and then Overall Overcome winner voted on by 90 Day Overcome Challenge participants 
  3. Each Winner will receive – Jason Redman personal coin  (These are my BRAND new numbered coins that I WILL NEVER SELL – YOU CAN ONLY EARN THESE COINS)
  4.  Overcomer of the Quarter coin  (Also numbered and never for sale)