Are you ready to Enlist in the Overcome Army – Join Jason “Overcome” Redman’s group coaching program sharing his lessons learned on how to get off the X, lead yourself, lead others, create permanent change and most importantly – how to develop a relentless Overcome Mindset. Enlisting in the Overcome Army gives you access to the Overcome Army private community group through Jason’s own interactive learning website and JR Overcome App where you will be able to share ideas, motivation and positive energy with fellow Overcome Army members. Every other week you will get a new course uploaded to the Overcome Army learning platform and then opposite weeks from course weeks you will get a 30-minute interactive Question and Answer session hosted by Jason Redman or other high level coaches and mentors. Can’t make the live Q and A that week?? – NO problem – Link to the Q and A will be posted to the private Overcome Army group so you can go back and watch them later. Additionally as an Overcome Army member you have 1:1 coaching access to Jason where you can message him directly through the Overcome Army platform. Members of the Overcome Army receive a 20% discount in the Jason Redman Overcome store and access to “random” Top Secret Swag.

Join The Overcome Army



Perhaps you want more than a group coaching program but you are not ready to commit to Jason’s one year coaching program. Hire Jason one on one hourly. Jason can help you with your business, life and relationships helping you once again to lead yourself to success. Jason can work with to teach you how to get off the X, lead yourself, lead others, create permanent change and most importantly – how to develop a relentless Overcome Mindset.

Schedule a private coaching call with Jason to learn how to build structure and lead yourself so that you can reach your business goals, health goals, and life goals with speed and accuracy! Learn how to self motivate so that you can Overcome any AND ALL challenges and always move forward to success in life!

Jason Redman Hourly Coaching is $500 per hour and limited to One – One hour session per week.



Are you stuck in life and ready to get off the X?


 I am currently accepting new private coaching clients. If we’re a good fit and I see that I can help you then 

I’ll invite you to 1:1 coaching with me for a year.


This is for motivated individuals who are HUNGRY to make a difference in their lives, businesses, and/or fitness and are ready to self assess and make changes to move them forward to success.


If you and your goals are a good fit then we’ll work together. I’ll show you how to quickly assess where you are in life, identify how to move off the X if you have been through or are currently in a life ambush, set initial goals for change and growth. We then will go through the Pentagon of Peak Performance and start building a self leadership program for you in all five areas of the Pentagon – Physical Leadership, Mental Leadership, Emotional Leadership, Social Leadership and Spiritual Leadership. Once we complete this we will go through exercise to understand your purpose, passion and values which will help us create your life mission statement and life mission objective, both things that will guide your future destination and course for the rest of your life. I guarantee when we are done you will be be absolute best version of yourself and achieving growth in your business, relationships and physical fitness.


I am only taking on a MAX of 6 private coaching clients per year.


How does the Peak Performance Year Work?

Our first step is a discover call to help me fact find and to quickly understand who you are and where you are currently in life. 

Throughout the 12 months. we will have weekly meetings you’ll have phone and email access to me to give you specific action steps, accountability and implementation. 


How I help you:


I pull from my twenty one years of experience as a Navy SEAL instructor, leader, author, leadership expert, Resiliency expert and ten years business experience growing a non-profit to a $3 Million company. I have been there struggling with cash flow, stressing over a bad hire, laying awake in my bed at night wondering how I will make payroll.  I have been there.  And I got past it applying my proven techniques to Get off the X and Overcome.  And I can help you do the same.


I believe in practicing what you preach which is why I continue to lead myself and grow my own speaking and coaching company and my Speakers Bureau helping other speakers .


Jason “Overcome” Redman spent 21 years as a Navy SEAL and is the best selling author of The Trident. He is available for group coaching, personal executive coaching and business consulting. Jason is dedicated to using his 30 years of leadership experience to help companies and individuals lead themselves off the X, overcome failure, crisis and adversity and help navigate through change and help you reach personal and professional success, higher profits, and market domination.


Make no mistake about it, there is no one out there uniquely qualified to get you off the X and driving forward to success that myself. I am the real deal and have overcome career failures, business failures and devastating injuries always leading myself to success through a relentless overcome mindset, the pentagon of peak performance and and proven steps to keep me on course. 


Is this right for you?


If you are ready to make a change I’m going to dive deep into your life and background and uncover the limiting factors that are causing you to become the bottleneck in your business. We’ll also uncover the factors that are neutering your growth potential so that we fix the problems and focus on making a bigger impact in your industry, multiplying your income and profits, and building your empire to it’s fullest potential.


How you can apply:


Your Peak Performance Year is $20,000 – payment plans available for monthly, quarterly, and discounts available for paid in full up front. 


So if you can afford the investment, if you are motivated to make changes and are ready to achieve new found success and peak performance if I believe this is a good fit for me, and and if you’re willing to do the work on YOURSELF then fill out the application below and we’ll get on the phone together to see if we’re going to be a good fit.