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Crush your goals. Get more traction. Break through the obstacles of life. Join the Overcome Army.

If you’re fed up with negative thinking and ready to relentlessly pursue your goals, then Jason Redman's Overcome Army coaching group is for you.

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So many people, everyday Americans, can’t afford thousands of dollars for a personal coach. So they are left alone in the darkness, looking for a way to drive forward and shine light on their own paths of positivity and success.


So I created the Overcome Army for you!

“I have found tremendous value in the Overcome Army. My motivation was to make changes so that I am moving in a forward direction. I had just taken a leadership position and was trying to motivate and inspire. One of the key takeaways from Jay is that you have to lead yourself before you lead others. ”

– Ellen

Welcome to the Path of Positivity, Growth and Success!

Overcome Army is an FREE  group coaching program for those looking for the motivation to take it to the next level in all aspects of their lives and surround themselves with fellow positive-minded Overcomers helping to hold each other accountable.

It is a group led by Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman who shares lessons on how to Get Off the X (the X being those sticking points and life ambushes we all encounter in this life). 

It is a group focused on positivity despite the negative knockdowns we all encounter in life.

It is about taking ACTION and always striving to be better physically, personally and professionally! 

If you are tired of listening to other people’s excuses on why they cannot find success and are ready to surround yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE who want to GRIND, TAKE ACTION and put in the work, then this group is for YOU!

Joining the Overcome Army gets you access to the Overcome Army private Facebook group, where you will receive group coaching and positivity and be able to share motivation and positive energy with fellow Overcomers. 

It’s time to stop letting the countless everyday challenges we all encounter in life take you out.


Join Overcome Army and START TAKING ACTION!!

I'm Jason Redman

I am a retired Navy SEAL, US Army Ranger School graduate, wounded warrior, and NY Times and Amazon best-selling author. I have met three presidents, received multiple high-level military awards and civilian awards, and started and run three successful businesses. I am a successful husband, still married after 20 years, and father of three great kids who are all goal setters themselves.

Despite these ultimate successes, I've also experienced massive failures, sticking points and setbacks along the way!

I once almost got kicked out of the SEAL Teams as a young leader for a leadership mistake and refusal to own it in the moment. I was severely wounded in a mission in Iraq — shot eight times, including by a machine gun round to the face — and subsequently endured some forty surgeries in four years. I later almost lost a business to a frivolous lawsuit that became front-page news! And all of this amid the everyday encounters that represent the countless challenges we all face in life.

The bottom line: I found success because I learned how to focus on positivity and relentless forward momentum, what I call "Getting off the X" and "TAKING ACTION" in life! And what applies to my life can apply to yours — with the same effect.

For years, from hundreds of stages, by the best-selling books I’ve authored, and through my private coaching programs, I’ve had the good fortune to help hundreds of thousands of people overcome their biggest life and business obstacles and rise to success.

And now I want to help even more people. That’s why I launched the Overcome Army.

Nothing But Relentless Optimism and ACTION!!!

Overcome Army members have access to the following perks:

Join the Overcome Army and learn how to build structure and lead yourself so that you can reach your business, health, and life goals with speed and accuracy. Learn how to self motivate so that you can overcome any and all challenges and always move forward to success in life!