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Crush your goals. Get more traction. Break through the obstacles of life. Join the Overcome Army.

If you’re fed up with negative thinking and ready to relentlessly pursue your goals, then Jason Redman's Overcome Army coaching program is for you.

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So many people, everyday Americans, can’t afford thousands of dollars for a personal coach. So they are left alone in the darkness, looking for a way to drive forward and shine light on their own paths of positivity and success.


So I created the Overcome Army for you!

“I have found tremendous value in the Overcome Army. My motivation was to make changes so that I am moving in a forward direction. I had just taken a leadership position and was trying to motivate and inspire. One of the key takeaways from Jay is that you have to lead yourself before you lead others. ”

– Ellen

Welcome to the Path of Positivity, Growth and Success!

Overcome Army is an affordable monthly subscription-based group coaching program for those looking for the motivation to take it to the next level in all aspects of their lives and surround themselves with fellow positive-minded Overcomers helping to hold each other accountable.

We share lessons learned on how to maintain a positive mindset, how to Get Off the X (the X being those sticking points and life ambushes we all encounter in this life). I share how to establish a course 🧭 for your life and maintain that course even when things go wrong.

I’ll teach you how to lead yourself by setting goals and creating structure and discipline to “Move the Needle” and accomplish your goals.

I’ll share how to create permanent change and, most importantly, develop a relentless Overcome Mindset.

“It was December 2018 when I had an opportunity to hear Jason Redman and Ray Care speak in Miami and met Erica Redman and Ozzie Martinez. I learned so much that weekend. I was in a very dark place in life then, but now two years later I’m amazed where I am.”

– Susannah, Overcome Army Member

Joining the Overcome Army gets you access to the Overcome Army private Facebook group, where you will receive group coaching and positivity and be able to share ideas, motivation and positive energy with fellow Overcomers. 

It’s time to stop letting the countless everyday challenges we all encounter in life take you out.


Join Overcome Army and put an end to:

The Overcome Army is a group of goal getters! And we relentlessly encourage you to set realistic, achievable and measurable goals for your life.

And we aren’t looking for perfection. Pursuit of perfection only leads to burnout, disappointment and failure.
We are looking for small everyday advances. Small wins 90% of the time.
This is what Moving the Needle and the Overcome Mindset are built on.

And we give you the tools to do it.

I'm Jason Redman

I am a retired Navy SEAL, US Army Ranger School graduate, wounded warrior, and NY Times and Amazon best-selling author. I have met three presidents, received multiple high-level military awards and civilian awards, and started and run three successful businesses. I am a successful husband, still married after 20 years, and father of three great kids who are all goal setters themselves.

Despite these ultimate successes, I've also experienced massive failures, sticking points and setbacks along the way!

I once almost got kicked out of the SEAL Teams as a young leader for a leadership mistake and refusal to own it in the moment. I was severely wounded in a mission in Iraq — shot eight times, including by a machine gun round to the face — and subsequently endured some forty surgeries in four years. I later almost lost a business to a frivolous lawsuit that became front-page news! And all of this amid the everyday encounters that represent the countless challenges we all face in life.

The bottom line: I found success because I learned how to focus on positivity and relentless forward momentum, what I call "Getting off the X" and "Moving the Needle" in life! And what applies to my life can apply to yours — with the same effect.

For years, from hundreds of stages, by the best-selling books I’ve authored, and through my private coaching programs, I’ve had the good fortune to help hundreds of thousands of people overcome their biggest life and business obstacles and rise to success.

And now I want to help even more people. That’s why I launched the Overcome Army.

And I don’t do it alone. I have recruited additional amazing coaches to help me motivate, inspire and maintain accountability for you to accomplish your goals — one - small - step - at - a - time!

Meet the Coaches

Coach Jason Redman

Jason Redman is a retired Navy SEAL who was severely wounded in Iraq. Thirteen years and 40 surgeries later, Jason is a NY Times best-selling author, renowned motivational speaker and coach. He delivers profoundly inspirational and effective messages and training on leadership, teamwork and the “Overcome Mindset,” helping individuals “Get Off the X” from life ambushes and become Pointmen in their own lives.


Shawn Lopez is a USMC combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. During combat tours in Iraq, Shawn experienced heavy combat, with multiple IED explosions resulting in a life-changing traumatic brain injury (TBI) which for a period of time impacted his ability to speak. Today he is a veterans advocate and shares his story to help motivate and inspire others.


Ozzie Martinez is a USMC combat-disabled veteran, non-profit CEO of Operation WetVet, and host of The Post Traumatic Survival Podcast and the Semper Ozzie Show on Sirius XM. After returning home from serving in the United States Marine Corps, he was never the same. He has battled PTSD for more than 10 years, including to the points of having separated from his wife, hitting rock bottom and wanting to end it all. Today he helps others learn to survive and thrive after trauma.


Kenny Mitchell is an 18-year veteran of the fire service where he currently serves as a Lieutenant. Kenny is a strong advocate for first responder mental health. He has been on his department’s Peer Support Team since 2009. Kenny overcame a major life ambush and shares his story on podcasts and in person to help others not only survive but thrive after their own life ambushes.


Sierra Redman is an I.S.S.A.-certified personal trainer dedicated to the health and well being of others. She is a competitive olympic weightlifter and big-time advocate for entrepreneurship. Sierra believes that a truly healthy lifestyle is about so much more than just losing weight or working out. Each person’s “healthy lifestyle” looks very different. It’s all about learning what makes you tick and finding balance.

Nothing But Relentless Optimism and Support!

We don’t tolerate negativity in our group. I and my coaches, Shawn Lopez, Ozzie Martinez, and Kenny Mitchell, will be available to help motivate you through adversity throughout each week. Almost every day, one of our coaches goes live with tips and advice on mindset, goal setting, nutrition, fitness, and more to help you keep crushing those goals! Can’t make all the live sessions? No problem! All videos are posted in the Facebook group for easy access to suit your schedule.

For only $39.99 a month you will have access to all the following in the Facebook group:

Monday Musters @ 7:00 a.m. EST

Monday Muster motivational video and Q&A live with Jason Redman. Start the week off on a positive note!

Training Tuesdays @ 9:00 a.m. EST with Coach Sierra and Sifu Alan Baker

Join Coach Sierra and Sifu Alan discussing nutrition, fitness, a defensive and overcome mindset to deal with physical challenges and real world threats of life!

Group Coaching Wednesdays @ 8:00 p.m. EST

OUR PREMIER Weekly event! A ONE Hour live interactive session with the Overcome Army coaches, getting deeper into topics discussed over the week or questions you may have.

MOTO Thursdays @ 10:30 a.m. EST

Join Coach Shawn Lopez  LIVE firing you up with optimism and his MOTO Mindset!

Fired Up Fridays @ 4:30 p.m. EST

Join Overcome Army member turned Coach, Kenny Mitchell. Get your inspiration and motivation to overcome adversity from someone who has lived the journey and come out the other side

Open Mike Saturdays @ 1:00 p.m. EST

Want an opportunity to share your thoughts and beliefs?  Passionate about something that has made a difference in your life? Then our Open Mike Saturdays are for YOU!! Sign up with your topic and share with the group something that can help them move the needle in their life!~ Bring it! (No politics, negativity, or direct selling)

Sundays @ 2:00 p.m. EST

Jason Redman and the Long-Haired Admiral herself, Erica Redman, go LIVE celebrating wins for the week, welcoming new members and getting that right mindset to attack and maintain momentum for the upcoming week!

“You folks move me. I love your stories, your inspiration. Not just Jay’s, all of your life stories. I believe we all play a part in this puzzle. I love all of this… all of the coaches, the people I have connected with, and just the community. Please, no matter what, no matter what paths cross, keep this alive… it saves lives… it saved mine…”

– Frank L, Overcome Army Member

Overcome Army members have access to the following perks:

Join the Overcome Army and learn how to build structure and lead yourself so that you can reach your business, health, and life goals with speed and accuracy. Learn how to self motivate so that you can overcome any and all challenges and always move forward to success in life!