Membership & Cancellation

Jason Redman and SOF Spoken LLC  – Overcome Army Membership Cancellation and Online Course Refund Policy

Overcome Army Membership program

Jason Redman and SOF Spoken LLC reserves the right to refuse/cancel any membership in the Overcome Army. If Jason Redman and SOF Spoken LLC refuses a new or renewing membership, registrants will be offered a refund for the initial sign-up fee or the current month membership fees.

Jason Redman and SOF Spoken reserve the right to cancel existing Overcome Army members if they have violated the rules of membership within the Overcome Army.  (Rules posted within private group and provided to members upon initial sign up)


Online Course Refund policy

Jason Redman and SOF Spoken will offer a 50% refund of online courses within one week (five business days) of sign up with a written email by the purchaser stating in detail, how after completing the course, the course did not meet its stated objectives. 

To request a refund and submit statement email


Membership Cancellation by Participant

If a member purchases an online course that provided a free period (typically 30 days) in the Overcome Army, the member may cancel at any time prior to the free period expiring and will not be charged.  If a member attempts to cancel after the free period, they will be charged for the first month and are not eligible for a refund if the free period has expired.  Their cancellation will go into event immediately upon cancellation date.


Members may cancel Overcome Army membership at any time.  Membership cancellations will occur immediately upon request.  No refunds are offered for prior membership payments.

Cancellations will be accepted through the membership site or via phone or e-mail, Cancellations must be received by the stated cancellation deadline to prevent membership payments.

The above policies apply to all Jason Redman and SOF Spoken online courses and coaching programs unless otherwise noted in the corresponding program materials. Please read all individual program information thoroughly.


Any questions or cancellation requests may be directed to