Monday Muster: Do the Things You Don’t Want To Do

Do what you don't want to do - Jason Redman
Jason Redman’s Monday Muster to start your week off right & crush those goals! This week we talk about how we should do things we don’t want to do.Last weekend I attended a golf retreat with a friend. I love golf but I am a marginal golfer at best. And the golfers at this retreat…
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“Let’s be real for just a second. You have to be a lover of innocence, to be a warrior…” Those words were from Taya Kyle, wife of the late Chris Kyle. Known most notably by the story of his life embodied by the book and movie, American Sniper. Today, February 2nd, 2020, we want to…

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Part Three Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Survival and Resources

I can’t sleep.My heart is racing.I can’t sit in public without my back to a wall.Large crowds make me anxious.I hate lines.Loud noises can make me jump.Trash in or on the side of the road makes me tense.These were my PTSD symptoms.The symptoms, stressors, triggers and anxiety I had. That’s right.  I said, “HAD.” Now, I can’t…

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Strength, Balance and Resiliency as Leaders | Part Two: Physical Leadership

Of all that transpired to save my life during and after that enemy ambush in 2007, only two had been within my control. One of them, according to the medical teams who put me back together, was my rock-solid physical fitness, which had prepared my body for its best chance at survival and healing through the extreme compound trauma. If Physical Leadership hasn’t already been a consistent focus for you, I recommend you make it your primary goal starting today. Start here …

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Five Tips on How to Not Suffer in Silence

Silence can be sweet. But suffering in silence is fertile ground for chaotic collisions of the mind and heart that crush the ambitions of good people every day. If you’re in crisis, you have more control than you realize. Here are five reasons and tips for not suffering in silence and overcoming adversity with the help of others.

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Jason Redman Join The Overcome Army and GET OFF THE X! YOUR AMBUSH IS COMING, AND SOYOU MUST ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR IT. YOU WILL SURVIVE YOUR AMBUSH THE SAME WAY I SURVIVED GETTING SHOT IN THE HEAD. Your ambush might be your business leaking so much money you’re about to sell the house and…

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