We face an uncertain future...Will you be ready for it?
With our survival and defense training—yes you will.

Overcome & Survive Workshop


Apr 18th - 21st and Nov 14th - 17th 2024   //   Moyock, NC
A Course for Everyone. Beginners to Experts.
Survival | Defense | Medical | Pistol

This is not BUD/S! No demanding physical activity, no screaming and yelling, no ninja skills required. Just a life-changing experience to build your confidence so you can prepare and protect yourself and your loved ones.


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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Advanced Rifle and Pistol Training available – MUST have completed basic Overcome and Survive to purchase 

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Make no mistake. We are living in challenging times.

We face an uncertain future. Crime is exploding in most major cities. Cyber crimes are on the rise. We are seeing unprecedented disruptions in the economy and society. Political leaders are more focused on political gain than societal stability. People are more divided than any time in recent history. We are a powder keg on the verge of detonation. And unfortunately, it will only take one match to set it all off.

So the question is, how ready are you in the event the worst happens?

Will you be ready if violent crime suddenly shows up on your doorstep? Will you be ready if society suddenly collapses? Will you be ready to defend yourself, your home, your family, your business? How long can you survive for a week in a world where infrastructure has failed and is no longer working? Will you be ready? Period.

In an emergency situation, you will have the trained and untrained.

Those who have trained and have some level of readiness.
And those who are untrained who will be overwhelmed in the chaos and likely pinned to the X and inaction.

Which will you be?

I’m Jason Redman.  I spent my entire adult life training to be ready for the worst, and I have experienced most worst case scenarios out there.

And now I want to help you be ready through our tactical self defense and survival training.

In line with my goal to teach people how to be better protectors of themselves, their family, their assets and property, I am launching my first Overcome & Survive Workshop.

Join us in 2024 for our next Overcome & Survive three-day tactical defense workshop.

I have been stabbed, shot multiple times, and overcome major life ambushes. I’ve been a military marksmanship instructor, and survival and evasion instructor. I draw on all of it to teach the Overcome Mindset to prepare for a violent act or chaotic environment. I will bring in retired SEALs, NRA-certified marksmanship experts and Special Operations medical experts including a 20-year certified paramedic firefighter who has treated and saved thousands of lives in situations from car accidents to gunshot wounds. Between myself and my instructors, we provide nearly 100 years of Special Operations, medical, marksmanship training and combat and real world experience.
In this tactical self defense and survival course we will be teaching:

Additionally you will receive the following:

Meet Our Instructors

Jason Redman – Lead Instructor

Jason Redman is a 21 year Retired Navy SEAL.  Jason served both as an enlisted SEAL and SEAL officer, working as a communicator, pointman, survival and evasion instructor, marksmanship instructor, mobility force commander, assault force commander, and operations officer.

  • Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Bronze Star Medal with Valor
  • Purple Heart
  • Survived 8 gunshots in firefight in Iraq
  • Static Range Safety Officer
  • Heavy Weapons Range Safety Officer
  • Close Quarters Combat Range Safety Officer
  • Trauma and Live Tissue Medical Training

Claire Zanti

Claire Zanti is a 14-year, Olympic-style precision rifle and pistol competitor. She holds Navy rifle and pistol qualifications, is adept in curriculum development and offers private instruction.

  • Four-Year Letter Holder for NC State’s D1 NCAA Rifle Program
  • USCCA Instructor Certified
  • NRA Range Safety Officer Certified
  • Former NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor
  • Former Firearms Instructor for Camp Elmore Shooting Range
  • CMP Distinguished Expert in Air Rifle
  • NRA Distinguished Expert in Pistol, Air Rifle, and Small-Bore
  • EMT and SWAT Medic Certified (CCJA)

Kenny Mitchell

Lieutenant Kenny Mitchell is a 20-year veteran of the fire service. Kenny’s department responds to over 51,000 calls for service a year. He teaches others how to take action and use some of these skills to possibly save their family’s or their own life.

  • Paramedic
  • State-Certified Fire Instructor II
  • CPR Instructor
  • STOP THE BLEED Certified
  • Marine Incident Response Team Member
  • Multiple Life Save Awards

Patricia Gonzalez

Patricia is the Lead Women’s Instructor and CFO at Tactical 21. She is a collegiate athlete and All-American nominee in volleyball and softball and is a licensed and certified Expanded Functions Dental Assistant of over 20 years. She has a heart for helping others become confident in protecting themselves and their loved ones.

  • USCCA Certified Defensive Shooting
  • Concealed Carry and Home Defense
  • Private and Group Instruction
  • Range Safety Officer
  • CPR/BLS First Aid
  • Level 1 TCCC
  • STOP THE BLEED-Certified Instructor

Edgar Gonzalez

Ed is the Chief Firearms Instructor and CEO at Tactical 21. He is a 14-year veteran with nine years in Special Operations and weapons systems in the US military.

  • AO-AC (AW) TAC Level 3 – HH60H
  • STOP THE BLEED DHLS and DCJS Certified
  • USCCA Certifications:
    • Firearms
    • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
    • First Aid
    • Active Shooter Instructor
    • Range Safety Officer
    • Level 1 TCCC, TECC

Jay Aliason

Jay is Lead instructor / Firearms Training Structural Design Manager at Tactical 21. He is a Retired SEAL Senior chief who deployed multiple times across the globe in peacekeeping and combat roles. After retirement he went on to work in Executive Security, planning and executing the movement and safety of High Value Principles using overt and concealed methods. Jay has trained foreign and U.S. partners. Jay is a skilled tactician sought after by many organizations.

  • Awarded the Silver Star Medal
  • High Risk Instructor
  • Static, Dynamic, Explosive Range Safety Officer
  • Close Quarters Combat and Land Warfare Instructor
  • USCCA Certifications:
    • Firearms
    • First Aid, Active Shooter Instructor and Range Safety Officer

John Fleischer

John is a Senior Police Officer/SWAT Officer and Lead Instructor/Training and Development Manager for Tactical 21. He is a native of Hampton Roads and is currently serving as an active Law Enforcement Officer with 24 years experience. He is the Lead Firearms Instructor at his department’s Police Academy and holds a position as a breacher on the SWAT team.

  • Firearms Instructor Certifications:
    • Department of Criminal Justice Services
    • National Rifle Associations
    • National Tactical Officers Association
  • USCCA Certifications:
    • Firearms
    • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
    • First Aid
    • Active Shooter Instructor
    • Range Safety Officer

Alan Baker

Alan Baker is a defensive tactic and personal protection expert with over four decades in the industry and has advanced standing in over 25 martial arts systems under some of the world’s most renowned instructors.

  • Personal Protection Specialist (Bodyguard)
  • Founder/CEO Of BAKER Defensive Tactics
  • Founder of the Protection Response Tactics System
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Executive Protection Institute
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Vehicle Dynamics Institute
  • Founder of the Civilian Tactical Training Association
  • Certified NRA CRSO and Pistol Instructor

Paul Ekoniak

Paul is Director of Medical Training/Firearms Instructor at Tactical 21. He is a 14-year Senior Corpsman for NSWDG and USMC teams supporting numerous conventional and Joint Special Operations Command assets both nationally and internationally.

  • Senior Cadre for Dept. of Defense NAEMT/PHTLS Certification Programs of TECC/TCCC to US Army, Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, EOD, SEAL, MARSOC, and Army SOCM Teams
  • Lead Instructor for Special Operations Combat Medics
  • 18D Qualification Course for US Army
  • NSW Direct Support Qualified Enabler
  • Graduate of MidSouth Institute of Self Defense Shooting

We are offering this course with EVERYTHING included at a rate of $2499

Due to range capacity, we have only 30 slots available.
Financing available upon checkout.

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Location: Moyock, NC
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** Background check required for training **

Couples/Friends Pricing Available!!

Date: April 18 – 21st or Nov 14 – 17, 2024 (Select your course at checkout)
Time: Workshop · Thursday  – 3 – 8 PM, Friday  – 8AM – 8 PM, Saturday  8AM – 8PM  

| Private Party · TBD

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