We face an uncertain future...Will you be ready for it?
With our survival and defense training—you will be.

Overcome & Survive Workshop


Next course April 2023 – April 27th – 29th

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Make no mistake. We are living in challenging times.

We face an uncertain future. Crime is exploding in most major cities. Cyber crimes are on the rise. We are seeing unprecedented disruptions in the economy and society. Political leaders are more focused on political gain than societal stability. People are more divided than any time in recent history. We are a powder keg on the verge of detonation. And unfortunately, it will only take one match to set it all off.

So the question is, how ready are you in the event the worst happens?

Will you be ready if violent crime suddenly shows up on your doorstep? Will you be ready if society suddenly collapses? Will you be ready to defend yourself, your home, your family, your business? How long can you survive for a week in a world that infrastructure has collapsed is no longer working?

Will you be ready? Period.

In an emergency situation, you will have the trained and untrained.

Those who have trained and have some level of readiness.
And those who are untrained who will be overwhelmed in the chaos and likely pinned to the X and inaction.

Which will you be?

I spent my entire adult life training to be ready for the worst, and I have experienced most worst case scenarios out there.

And now I want to help you be ready through our tactical self defense and survival training.

In line with my goal to teach people how to be better protectors of themselves, their family, their assets and property, I am launching my first Overcome & Survive Workshop.

Join us April 27th – 29th for our next Overcome and Survive two-day tactical defense workshop.

I have been stabbed, shot multiple times, and overcome major life ambushes. I’ve been a military marksmanship instructor, and survival and evasion instructor.

I draw on all of it to teach the Overcome Mindset to prepare for a violent act or chaotic environment.

I will bring in retired SEALs, NRA certified marksmanship experts  and Special Operations Medical experts including a 20-year certified paramedic firefighter who has treated and saved thousands of lives in situations from car accidents to gunshot wounds. Between myself and my instructors we provide almost a  combined 100 years of Special Operations, medical, marksmanship training and combat and real world experience.

In this Tactical Self Defense and Survival course we will be teaching:

Additionally you will get the following:

We are offering this course with EVERYTHING included at a rate of $2499 but ON SALE for $1999 

Due to range capacity, we have only 30 slots available.
Financing available upon checkout.

Sign up today and reserve your slot now so you can be ready when the worst happens.

Location: Moyock, NC
Location information and additional details will be sent via email after purchase.

** Background check required for training **

Date: April 27-29th 2023
Time: Workshop · Thursday  – 4 – 8 PM, Friday  – 9AM – 6 PM, Saturday  9AM – 6PM  

| Private Party · TBD

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