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Ready to live a purpose-driven, mission-led life?

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A 13-module course with videos, worksheets, tools and challenges to teach you how to become a Pointman for your life.

Who am I?

And where am I going?

I believe these are the two most asked questions of every man and woman at some point in their lives.

We all look around and wonder, “Am I living up to my full potential because I am not satisfied with where I currently am, and I believe I could do more?”

It is in these moments of life, I think we all feel adrift, constantly sailing or rowing to get somewhere but never arriving. Merely bouncing from one storm to the next, wondering the whole time, half terrified, what the hell is the point of this journey?

So many people live their ENTIRE lives this way.

I propose a better way.

A life of purpose.

A life guided by a mission. A life guided by clear destinations, a set course and waypoints to achieve our goals and complete our journeys.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

Define who you are and what YOUR MISSION is in this life.
Let it guide you despite any ambush, darkness, or adversity you may encounter.

“What is a MISSION?,” you ask.

Our mission is our purpose.

And if you can define your purpose and clearly articulate your mission in this life, you create a road map for success.

When I was in the SEAL Teams, I had amazing individuals who deeply understood our missions, set a course for us to get to where we were going, and tackled dangers and obstacles as we encountered them.

We called these men Pointmen.

What if I told you, you could become a Pointman for your own life?

What if I told you, you could go from a life of confusion, frustration and anxiety, to a life of confidence and goal setting?

The leader.

The navigator.

The danger seeker.

That legendary military individual who has nerves of steel, an inner compass, and a GPS rolled into one with an unworldly sixth sense that detects dangerous ambushes lurking on the horizon.

At one point as a SEAL, I was a Pointman.

Later in my military career, I relied on our Pointmen to navigate our routes, identify the most efficient way to get to our objectives, and recognize and avoid potential ambushes and danger points.

Today, I have come to realize, life is no different.

We all have missions and objectives, and the path to accomplish those objectives takes a clear course. It takes an understanding and avoidance of the dangers along the way. It takes an uncanny awareness to detect and avoid obstacles and ambushes. And most importantly, it takes the conviction, experience and an Overcome Mindset to stay the course, achieve our goals even when everything goes TRAINWRECK wrong, and we have to get off the X! (A fancy military term to get out of an ambush or bad situation!)

If only we all had our own Pointmen in life.

Is This Course Right for You?

The Pointman for Life online course is virtually EVERYTHING I have written in my books, teach from stages and workshops, or talk about in podcasts. You will learn how to:

You will learn the four Pointman Principles.

These are my tools to help you build a relentless Overcome Mindset and get off the X from any ambush. You will learn long- and short-term goal setting tactics to maintain “singularity of focus.” This means staying on course despite life’s distractions. The course will teach you how to maintain balance as a leader through my Pentagon of Peak Performance. You will learn to move the needle every day with my Rule of 3Ps, be trained to evaluate risks, and gain the situational awareness to avoid, or at least mitigate, future ambushes.

In addition to the Pointman for Life course content, YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE a signed copy of Jason Redman’s quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily Pointman Planner and Pointman Mission Planning Poster (a quarterly dry erase goal setting poster). The program will guide you through how to use these to stay on course, regardless of what storms are on the horizon.

Tired of feeling adrift?

Ready to become the leader you feel like you were born to be?
Ready to live a purpose-driven, MISSION-led life?

Then it’s time to become the Pointman for your life. And, purchasing this online Pointman for Life course is the first step.

Strap in. The path to start smashing your goals begins today.