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Level up and become the Pointman of your life 

Perhaps you noticed the online, self-led Pointman for Life course and you thought to yourself, Well, the online course thing just isn’t for me.

Or maybe the price point to work one on one with Jason Redman was just more than you had to invest in yourself right now…

Or maybe you prefer working in groups? A collaborative experience? Sharing knowledge with like-minded people? A community of Pointmen/women? All coupled with weekly live, one-on-one instruction with Jason Redman?

Then Jason Redman’s new Pointman for Life Mastermind program is for you. This six-month program puts you in a group of no more than 50 like-minded, positive achievers looking to level up and become Pointmen in all aspects of life.

Built on Jason’s award-winning Pointman for Life program, the Mastermind will take you and your classmates on a six-month journey to develop a mission statement for your life, identify your long-term destination for success, set your waypoints and course, understand risk assessment and situational awareness and most importantly – give you tools to deal with the life ambushes when they come.   

And make no mistake – life ambushes are coming for all of us.

What is a point man, you ask?

the leader.

the navigator.

the danger seeker.

That legendary military individual with nerves of steel, an inner compass, a GPS and an unwavering sixth sense that detects dangerous ambushes lurking on the horizon.

At one point, I was a point man.  Later in my military career, I relied on point men to navigate our routes, identify the most efficient way to reach our objectives, and recognize and avoid potential ambushes and danger points.

Today, I have come to realize life is no different. We all have missions and objectives, and the path to achieve those objectives takes a clear course. It takes an understanding and avoidance of the dangers along the way. It takes an uncanny awareness to detect and avoid obstacles and ambushes. And most importantly, it takes the conviction, experience and overcome mindset to stay the course, achieve our goals and objectives even when everything goes wrong, and Get off the X.

If only we all had our own point men in life.

Well, I may not be able to give you your own point man team, but I can give you the tools and a group to help lead yourself to success.  


Be aware – space is limited. Only 50 slots available!

Do you currently feel like a ship adrift?
No mission? No destination?
Just drifting along with the current, praying for a better way?

Well, there is a better way.

A life of purpose. One guided by a mission. By clear destinations with a set course and waypoints to reach our goals and complete our journeys.

Your mission is to create exactly that: Define who you are and your mission and let it guide you in life despite any ambush, darkness, or adversity. Become a Pointman for your own life.

The Pointman for Life Mastermind is a six-month interactive group program led live by me – retired Navy SEAL, peak performance coach and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman – along with some of my certified Pointman for Life coaches.

What comes with the Pointman for Life Mastermind?

What do you get out of the Pointman for Life Mastermind?

In the Pointman for Life Mastermind, you will learn how to become a mission-driven leader who clearly defines a destination (long-term goals) and sets a course (short-term goals) all while understanding and identifying the risks on the horizon and avoiding them when possible. You will develop a relentless Overcome Mindset to REACT and overcome any personal, physical or professional ambush.

You will learn the four Pointman Principles, Jason’s tools to build a relentless Overcome Mindset and Get off the X from any ambush. You will learn long- and short-term goal-setting tactics to maintain “singularity of focus” and stay on course despite life’s distractions. You will learn how to maintain balance as a leader through Jason’s Pentagon of Peak Performance. You will learn to move the needle every day with Jason’s Rule of 3Ps, be trained to evaluate risks, and gain the situational awareness to avoid, or at least mitigate, future ambushes. 

Additionally, in the Pointman for Life Mastermind program, you and up to 50 of your new friends, classmates, teammates and accountability partners will be placed into a private (hosted on our own server – your info will never be sold or available to third parties group) where you will be able to post information, wins, challenges and questions and have private discussions with your Pointman for Life classmates. This private group will live on, and you will have access as long as you choose to remain a member after completing the course, giving you a forum and mastermind group for support with personal, physical and professional advice from your classmates, Jason and other coaches.

You will also receive a signed copy of Jason’s quarterly, weekly and daily Pointman Planner and Pointman Mission Poster. The program guides you to use this to stay on course regardless of what storms are on the horizon.

And finally, you will get a copy of Jason’s bright-orange Sign on the Door. Jason posted this on his hospital-room door during the initial stage of his recovery, and it became a light in the darkness — a symbol of positive choice in the face of extreme adversity and a model for how to be a victor, not a victim — for himself and for generations of wounded veterans to follow.”

Strap in. The path to start smashing your goals begins today!

It’s time to become the Pointman for your life.
Joining the Pointman for Life Mastermind is the first step.

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