72-Hours to Peak Performance Online Course

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72 Hours to Peak Performance: Three days to shaping an elite-forces mindset for getting off X and defining, directing and crushing your personal and professional missions for life.

Budget-friendly; advanced-entry-level; three days or self-paced

Jason Redman’s 72 Hours to Peak Performance is about perspective, action, and relentless commitment to cultivating the resilience, tenacity and mindset it takes to prepare for, face and overcome anything — even the inevitable “life ambushes.”



72-Hours to Peak Performance Online Course



On our best days and our toughest, life is growth. It calls for us to step out, step up, and sometimes, step off the X. But what if you’re stuck? Or what if you’ve been stuck in the past and dread living life to its fullest for fear of what might lurk on the horizon? What if none of that applies to you now, but you know that it’s inevitable: You, too, will face adversity in the future, and wouldn’t it be great to know how to recognize the warning signs, avoid what danger you can, and have the strength and wherewithal to overcome what you cannot prevent?

Led by Jason Redman and based upon nearly 30 years of elite-performance and leadership training, tactics, experience and missions accomplished, including that which shaped his 21-year U.S. Navy SEAL career, 72 Hours to Peak Performance will guide you through the process of getting off the X, moving forward, and defining and crushing your personal and professional goals with the discipline, self-leadership and balance required to live the life you desire.

The insightful, easy-to-grasp lessons don’t require much actual screen, reading or activity time yet are designed to deliver a high-impact return on your investment as you begin to understand and apply the knowledge and self-discipline to key areas of your life. Complete with videos, quizzes, action steps, tools and bonus content, 72 Hours to Peak Performance will equip you with:

  • Tools from elite Navy SEAL leadership training.
  • Identifying and assessing life ambushes.
  • Defining and setting the paths for your own life’s missions.
  • Leadership tools from the Pentagon of Peak Performance.
  • Battle-tested and proven REACT Methodology.
  • Developing an unshakable Overcome Mindset.
  • Vital new bonus material for the year ahead, featuring gratitude, physical defense and the JR Overcome 30-Day Journal

Here’s just a sample of how you’ll benefit:

  • Get off the X and break out of your stalls, ruts and life ambushes.
  • Learn how to crush overwhelming feelings of helplessness in seconds using the same techniques Navy SEALs use to keep cool heads under heavy gunfire.
  • Become so decisive and directed that others are drawn and inspired by your confident and effective personal leadership.
  • Build yourself personally and professionally in the foundational areas of PhysicalMentalEmotionalSocial and Spiritual leadership for substantial life-transforming effects.

Apply the same proven mission-centric tools and tactics of elite special-forces teams and leaders, and help define, direct and support your personal and professional objectives.

It’s your life. Make inroads.

9 reviews for 72-Hours to Peak Performance Online Course

  1. Kari (verified owner)

    The 72 Hours to Peak Performance course helped me recognize that I still had some work to do to get through the grief of losing a loved one. I did not realize I was still hanging out on the X. It is an amazing and practical course! The content is helpful and leads the learner through a comprehensive process to move forward and achieve goals.

  2. Kara D. (verified owner)

    The 72 Hour to peak performance course was instrumental in my journey off the X. I had read the ‘Overcome’ book and while that was life changing and started my journey, the course was so powerful because it was like a deep dive into the part of the book that I was thinking ‘ I wish there was just a little more here’ there surely is in this course. Hit the spot 100 percent. It helped me to really recognize for the first time that I was in a life ambush. I felt equip to begin my overcome journey and immediately was making significant progress off the X. It is powerful and perennial. I felt that it was very motivation and super supportive. An INCREDIBLE resource made by spectacular team who’s genuine interest in your improvement is palpable. I can’t thank you enough!

  3. Bo L. (verified owner)

    As a veteran and career LEO, I’ve experienced many courses designed to help with leadership and self awareness. This is by far the best. Jay takes his experience and breaks it down so anyone can benefit. This is a course I’ll come back to time and again to refocus and keep driving towards peak performance in everything I do.

  4. Karin H. (verified owner)

    The 72 Hours of Peak Performance course by Jason Redman is an excellent step-by-step tool to help you start over after traumatic life experiences. It applies to all areas of life and is a thorough, easy to apply concept everyone can use. I love the coaching videos and print-out manuals! Can only recommend it!

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    You never really know how ready you are for the storm until it hits. Even if you feel prepared, you should never get comfortable. Keep your tools sharp and your focus on point. Jason Redman’s Overcome 72 hours to Peak Performance is and excellent way to start preparing for life just around the corner, or to sharpen your tools and always be vigilant. Keep that head on a swivel!

  6. John (verified owner)

    72 Hours to Peak Performance provides effective strategies for moving forward in life and creating your own beneficial change. The content is clear, concise and powerful.

  7. Carol (verified owner)

    Jason Redman not only shares his valuable life lessons on how to “Get off the X” he gives you the tools to “Get off the X” all you have to do is follow the process. Use the well organized and easy to understand worksheets. If you do all that and put the time in investing in yourself you will “move the needle” and “Get off the X” too.

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    I have read the Overcome book before so I was familiar with the lessons. But I was not expecting how much the worksheets and short personal explanations of Jason helped me actually putting it into practice. I highly recommend this course to everyone. Finding balance in multiple domains in your life is harder than ever today, but this course will help you so much with achieving that and living your best life.

  9. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    As the Chief Executive of a trucking and logistics company my world moves fast, and sometimes it’s easy to get hung up on a problem, a bad decision, or a mistake. This course was eye opening. It gave me some great mechanisms and techniques for helping to identify when I am in a bad situation and how to quickly pick and move in a better direction. The R.E.A.C.T. methodology in particular was great, and I have already taught it to some first time leaders within my organization. The course was great for me as a leader and as a person, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to get of the X or whom is a current or potential leader.

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