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There already are many books on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be more, including by those who experienced the fire of combat. This story, though, is not just about a SEAL on the Iraqi battlefield, but a SEAL at war with himself and his ultimate victory. I believe his story will inspire the reader, just as it did me.
—from the introduction by Robert M. Gates, former US Secretary of Defense

Decorated US Navy SEAL lieutenant Jason Redman served his country courageously and with distinction in Colombia, Peru, Afghanistan, and Iraq, where he commanded mobility and assault forces. He conducted over forty capture/kill missions with his men in Iraq, locating more than 120 al-Qaida insurgents. But his journey was not without supreme challenges—both emotional and physical. Redman is brutally honest about his struggles to learn how to be an effective leader, yet that effort pales beside the story of his critical wounding in 2007 while leading a mission against a key al-Qaida commander. On that mission his team was ambushed and he was struck by machine-gun fire at point-blank range.

During the intense recovery period that followed, Redman gained national attention when he posted a sign on his door at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, warning all who entered not to “feel sorry for [his] wounds.” His sign became both a statement and a symbol for wounded warriors everywhere.

From his grueling SEAL training to his search for a balance between arrogance and humility, Redman shares it all in this inspiring and unforgettable account. He speaks candidly of the grit that sustained him despite grievous wounds, and of the extraordinary love and devotion of his wife, Erica, and his family, without whom he would not have survived.

Vivid and powerful, emotionally resonant and illuminating, The Trident traces the evolution of a modern warrior, husband, and father, a man who has come to embody the never-say-die spirit that defines the SEALs, one of America’s elite fighting forces.

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5 reviews for NYT Best Seller – The Trident – Signed Copy

  1. Mickey D.

    “The Trident” is both tragic and then triumphant, transforming, brave and brutally honest. This is not just a book about Navy SEALs or a tragic event but so much more about character, recognizing where it was lacking. Redman shows incredible strength, courage and perseverance to change against the odds. Very highly recommended!

  2. A Reviewer

    This is a fantastic read! Unlike books that discuss training, Redman focuses on his failures as an operator. He pushes through these failures to eventually find success. It just shows that SEALS are human, with their own insecurities and faults. Redman works to overcome these, and the result is a riveting text.

  3. JDogg

    Amazing Book. Loved this book. Was the first book I’ve about a SEAL that showed the human side of one’s bravado and ego, and how dangerous it can be. Redman is a hero, he made mistakes and learned from them, and became a better warrior for it. I’m honored that men like this protect our country, and their amazing families support them through the toughest of times.

  4. Hugh S.

    This is one of the BEST books I have read about the elite fighting US Navy SEALS! Jason thought he was HOT STUFF until he makes a very DEADLY mistake on a mission that could have cost many lives! He has to make amends by leaving his buddies and going to US Army Ranger School which he almost quit and left the service altogether! What he learned there just might have saved his men in another mission later on! If he had not learned this one tactic several of his buddies could have been killed!

    I think Jason is a Christian like myself and this book was recommended by my Christian brother Greg Amundson, himself a retired Army captain and DEA agent and a pioneer in CrossFit. It is by far good as Extreme Ownership by also two former SEALS. I as a serial entrepreneur teaching life saving Situational Awareness, Preparedness and Survival have learned so much from Jason!

    Also could we all be so lucky as to have someone like Jason’s supportive wife Erica! I learned that many SEAL wives and other Special Forces wives when they have seen their wounded warrior husband have walked out of Walter Reed and filed for divorce! I had no idea how bad it is until Jason shared this!

  5. David

    Written With Humility, Courage, Humor, and Great Insight. Having been part of the United States Army for parts of five decades, I’ve met some authentic heroes. Some were famous, others avoided the limelight. I’ve also read a lot of autobiographical accounts by decorated warriors. The best of these are filled with unflinching honesty and leadership lessons, while the remainder are merely excuses to trumpet, “Look at me, I’m really awesome!” It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between the two categories by the first couple of chapters. (Usually the first clue is if the author takes most of the credit for whatever good things happened, and points the finger at others for every negative event.)

    Retired U.S. Navy SEAL leader Jason Redman’s gripping account of his life as a Special Operations warrior falls into the former category, providing a no-holds-barred recounting of his personal and professional growth before, during and after his combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. LT Redman never pretties up his anecdotes, and is unsparing in his self-criticism. Because of this brutal truth-telling, his ultimate redemption is even more inspiring. And true to form for differentiating between spotlight-seekers and the real leaders, Jason Redman primarily credits others for his success. There’s zero false humility in this book, and Redmon admits when he puts the lessons he’s learned to good use, but he gives all credit to his brother SEALs, family, and support systems.

    As other reviewers have rightly stated, “I am a better person for having read “The Trident”. Our nation is fortunate to have leaders like Jason Redman adding his courage, conviction, and creativity to our communities. I deeply appreciate his willingness to tell his story in such an affecting manner.

    By the way, I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t mention the excellence of Mr. Redman’s co-author, John Bruning. Mr. Bruning also co-wrote “Outlaw Platoon”, another superb non-fiction story of soldiers in Afghanistan. He has the gift of polishing our warrior’s rough literary diamonds to a flawless brilliance, without adding any phony bullcrap. That’s a rare talent.

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