Overcome Army Group Coaching

$19.99 / month

Overcome Army Group Coaching



Join the Overcome Army to GET OFF THE X, learn to lead yourself, build that relentless Overcome Mindset and surround yourself with like-minded positive people looking to achieve success in this life.

Overcome Army is a monthly Subscription-based Group Coaching program for those looking for Motivation to take it to the next level in all aspects of their lives and surround themselves with fellow Overcomers helping to hold each other accountable.


Join Jason “Overcome” Redman’s group coaching program sharing his lessons learned on how to get Off The X, lead yourself, lead others, create permanent change and most importantly, develop a relentless Overcome Mindset. Enlisting in the Overcome Army gets you access to the Overcome Army private Facebook group where you will be able to share ideas, motivation and positive energy with fellow Overcomers. Every day, each one of our coaches goes live with tips and advice on mindset, goal setting, nutrition and fitness to help you keep moving that needle and crushing those goals! Can’t make the live sessions that day? NO problem! All videos are posted to the Overcome Army Facebook page.

Coaches Jason Redman, Shawn Lopez, Ozzie Martinez and Arielle Murray will be available for questions, interaction, motivation and help you through adversity throughout the week. Members of the Overcome Army receive a 20% discount in the Jason Redman Overcome store.

Join the Overcome Army and learn how to build structure and lead yourself so that you can reach your business, health, and life goals with speed and accuracy. Learn how to self motivate so that you can Overcome any AND ALL challenges and always move forward to success in life!

For only 63 cents a day, $19 a month, you can work with me, a battle-tested Navy SEAL and leader to teach you how to Overcome Adversity and reach success in life!

Look forward to crushing goals with you on the Battlefield of Life

– Jason “Overcome” Redman


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