Overcome Mindset Online Course

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How to Build the Overcome Mindset: Three weeks to an unshakable foundation for everything you plan to build.

Budget-friendly; entry-level 

Based on nearly 30 years of elite-performance and leadership training, experience and missions accomplished, Jason Redman’s How to Build the Overcome Mindset online course is a first step to reclaiming and resetting your life.



Overcome Mindset Online Course



On our best days and our toughest, life is about many things — including, sometimes, tackling adversity. It may not be “easy”; it may not always seem possible; it may even be hard just to face it. But the good news is that if we are willing to drive through it, adversity can shape us for the better. Millions of people work toward this every day. Those with the right tools succeed — because success doesn’t happen by chance. Success happens by setting your destinations, navigating the rough waters, grinding through the hardship, and being positively determined to accomplish your objectives no matter what. Others do this, and with a strong Overcome Mindset, so can you.

What is the Overcome Mindset?

The Overcome Mindset is about upgrading your perspective regarding personal power. It’s about relentless commitment to cultivating the courage, resilience, tenacity and positive attitude it takes to face, tackle and overcome anything — even the inevitable “life ambushes.”

The How to Build the Overcome Mindset course will guide you to:

  • Shift your perspective on adversity and claim your sense of personal power.
  • Train your attitude to fuel your fortitude and determine the outcomes you desire.
  • Strengthen and apply such critical traits as tenacity, perseverance, and mental and emotional leadership.
  • Maintain hope, even in dire situations, because you will know without a doubt that there is always a solution, and you are determined to find it.

Whether you’re in the midst of adversity now or you’re leery of what’s ahead, your path to building the Overcome Mindset built for anything begins right here, right now.

Prepare to crush your goals and “Overcome all!”

8 reviews for Overcome Mindset Online Course

  1. Nina

    One of the best investments in my future I’ve ever made. I’ve already recommended it to others.

  2. Matthew

    Excellent course. How to Build the Overcome Mindset is a great installment to Jason Redman’s course content. Funny and inspirational he provides a depth of understanding to guide people through tough times. I’ve relied on the balance and perspective of his philosophy through difficult times and I believe his courses can help you too. I found printing out the worksheets and filling them out and taking the full 3 weeks to run the course to be very beneficial. … What a great course.

  3. Georgia C.

    I appreciate the positive and confidence inspiring attitude directed at students. It is nice to have someone believe you can do it when you might not be feeling too sure. THANK YOU!

  4. Jeff F.

    Jason Redman’s video lessons have given me the tools I need to build and maintain an overcome mindset. He effectively takes you step by step through a process and methodology to face life’s challenges and overcome them. This is my second video course I have taken from him, and from each one I have principles and practices that I use daily. I appreciate the content Jason produces and cannot recommend it enough!

  5. Philip (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for genuine advice on building confidence and enhance the quality of your life.

  6. Michael Walker (verified owner)

    The course has been so helpful for me. Due to past experiences that happened while in the military, I never got off the X. Your course is helping me to do just that. Thank you Jason.

  7. philip GALLIER (verified owner)

    Being from the United Kingdom we hear stories of the SAS/SBS and love the mindset of them,but this course is on another level. The course is easy to follow and the handouts are great as well- Jason Redman could fire up a Mummy with his passion! I have completed the course 3 times now and if you want a Navy Seal to give you a mindset that will make you go to another level then get this course. I have been so impressed with this course that I am going to 72 hours to Peak Performance soon and later down the line do some more remote learning with Jason Redman. The best way to think if you need this course is to say ” What would it be like to be trained by a Navy Seal who overcome what he has and have the videos/ worksheets 24/7/365′? The price I would pay for this course would be a lot more than is being charged and has truly changed my mindset( my partner/ co-workers have commented on my attitude)
    So what are you waiting for….overcome your fears,doubts ,etc and get this course…….it might, no, it will change you.
    Thank you Jason Redman

    United Kingdom

  8. Jeanine Dalis (verified owner)

    Starting the program next week after all my work projects

    • Cindy Spinler (store manager)

      Jeanine, Thank you for all of your positive insight and feedback. You are a true asset to the Overcome Army

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