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Conquer the obstacles and crush your goals with retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman’s Pointman Planner. Incorporating core principles of his special-ops-inspired Pointman for Life personal and professional peak-performance coaching programs, this daily/weekly/quarterly guide to defining personal and business objectives and missions, committing proper attention to them and tracking your progress will have you focused from the start, staying on course, and reaping the rewards of the productivity, strength, leadership and achievements you desire in key areas of your life.

In military terms, the point man (or woman) is the leader and the navigator on whom the team relies to navigate their routes, identify the most efficient ways to meet their mission objectives, and recognize and avoid potential danger points along the way.

During his 21-year SEAL career, Redman had once been a point man and also depended on point men. Once retired to civilian life, he became a business owner. And although the productivity tools and books were plentiful, no single one could meet his high standard for the kind of structure and efficiencies needed to help him define, organize and stay on track in his new mission. Redman missed the amazing Point men he used to work with in the SEAL Teams. He missed their incredible dedication to mission, amazing navigation abilities and super-human awareness that enabled his team on many occasions to reduce or entirely avoid danger. What if I had a point man for my life? he thought.

What if we all had point men for everyday life?

  • We’d be more focused, prepared, efficient, decisive and effective.
  • We’d decrease our odds of quitting or failing unnecessarily.
  • We’d increase our chances of satisfaction and success.
  • We’d increase our ability and readiness to deal with adversity and chaos.
  • We’d greatly reduce or eliminate the dangers, struggles, and pitfalls others blindly walk into.

Redman can’t assign to you a point man. But he can teach you the tools he has used and refined over decades of intensive military and business leadership, organizational training and experience to teach you how to lead yourself most effectively — to become your own Pointman for Life by applying the principles he’s developed to everything you do in your personal and professional endeavors.

Simple, effective and easy to use, the Pointman Planner features core functional components of Redman’s signature Pointman for Life, Pentagon of Peak Performance and Get off the X programs to help guide and support your success in:

  • Developing relentless belief in and focus on a clearly defined Mission built on the foundation of your values.
  • Setting your specific Destinations (long-term goals) and Courses (short-term goals).
  • Situational awareness and risk-assessment tools.
  • Building an Overcome Mindset in preparation for identifying, handling, adapting to and overcoming any adversity you may encounter — even when everything goes wrong.
  • Defining and maintaining balance as a leader in five key areas of life through the Pentagon of Peak Performance.
  • Your ability to REACT and quickly Get off the X! when necessary and continue moving the needle in your life.
  • Regular self- and indicator-assessments for critical insights and reinforcements to keep you on course, well-informed, distraction-free and properly directed.

We all have missions and objectives in life, and the path to attaining them requires a clear course. It takes an awareness, understanding and avoidance of the dangers along the way. But most importantly it takes the conviction, readiness and Overcome mindset to stay the course, no matter what.

The Pointman Planner will help you accomplish all this and more.

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