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There already are many books on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be more, including by those who experienced the fire of combat. This story, though, is not just about a SEAL on the Iraqi battlefield, but a SEAL at war with himself and his ultimate victory. I believe his story will inspire the reader, just as it did me.
—from the introduction by Robert M. Gates, former US Secretary of Defense

Decorated US Navy SEAL lieutenant Jason Redman served his country courageously and with distinction in Colombia, Peru, Afghanistan, and Iraq, where he commanded mobility and assault forces. He conducted over forty capture/kill missions with his men in Iraq, locating more than 120 al-Qaida insurgents. But his journey was not without supreme challenges—both emotional and physical. Redman is brutally honest about his struggles to learn how to be an effective leader, yet that effort pales beside the story of his critical wounding in 2007 while leading a mission against a key al-Qaida commander. On that mission his team was ambushed and he was struck by machine-gun fire at point-blank range.

During the intense recovery period that followed, Redman gained national attention when he posted a sign on his door at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, warning all who entered not to “feel sorry for [his] wounds.” His sign became both a statement and a symbol for wounded warriors everywhere.

From his grueling SEAL training to his search for a balance between arrogance and humility, Redman shares it all in this inspiring and unforgettable account. He speaks candidly of the grit that sustained him despite grievous wounds, and of the extraordinary love and devotion of his wife, Erica, and his family, without whom he would not have survived.

Vivid and powerful, emotionally resonant and illuminating, The Trident traces the evolution of a modern warrior, husband, and father, a man who has come to embody the never-say-die spirit that defines the SEALs, one of America’s elite fighting forces.

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9 reviews for The Trident – Signed Paperback

  1. Randy Plotkin

    Outstanding! I first ordered this book and read it in 2014. Here it is, 6 years later, i am rereading it again. The story of Jason Redman and his team gives an insight into the effects of battle. Through the significant traumas he sustained and the aftermath of how he rebuilt his life, along with his wife Erica (aka the long haired admiral), sets the tone of the mindset of a SEAL and what it takes to overcome adversity at times. During this years COVID pandemic, while folks are staying at home and some are still going to work, the mindset you develop or have developed over the years dictates how you handle this. There is so much that you can do to help yourself and others. I found this book to be an inspiration and help in keeping me focused and on track with the right mindset. It is well worth the read and may even make you rethink your mindset and move forward. Time to Get off the X. Thanks Jay for a great book. I have recommended it to others as well.

  2. B.L.

    A SEAL book unlike the others. This is a phenomenal book that shows (the other side) of being a SEAL. Most books I’ve read lack the dark side. It’s not all frat-boy fun and games. Having said that, the author’s willingness to strip bare his emotions and open up the way he did forced me to look inward at my own shortcomings and miscalculations. I wish I could have learned these vicarious lessons sooner. The book led me to be more introspective. I strongly advise reading this with an open mind and critical eye.

  3. David Hatten (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service with extremely fast shipping. The ability to customize with a personal note from Jason is fantastic. I purchased several books for Christmas presents, all signed, and I am sure that the recipients will be excited with the gift. I only wish I would have ordered one for myself.

  4. Phil J. (verified owner)

    • Cindy (store manager)

      Thank you Phil.

  5. lance dominique (verified owner)

  6. Chris (verified owner)

  7. Michael O. (verified owner)

    Great story and well written. I had the honor of meeting Lt. Redman in the parking lot at the ‘21 Army/Navy game. GO NAVY!

    • Cindy (store manager)

      Hi Michael, Thank you for your support. Overcome All!

      Cindy and the Overcome Army Team

  8. Jimmie Andros (verified owner)

    Awesome book and it was singed

  9. Adam Mason (verified owner)

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