How do you stay motivated when you are having tough or hard days? Motivation is what pushes you forward to keep going. It is that motivation that gives you purpose. When that happens you must look back at what your purpose is in those times. You need to stay strong in the 5 aspects in…
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Without Giving Way: Celebrating the life of Chris Kyle

“Let’s be real for just a second. You have to be a lover of innocence, to be a warrior…” Those words were from Taya Kyle, wife of the late Chris Kyle. Known most notably by the story of his life embodied by the book and movie, American Sniper. Today, February 2nd, 2020, we want to…

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Five Tips on How to Not Suffer in Silence

Silence can be sweet. But suffering in silence is fertile ground for chaotic collisions of the mind and heart that crush the ambitions of good people every day. If you’re in crisis, you have more control than you realize. Here are five reasons and tips for not suffering in silence and overcoming adversity with the help of others.

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How to Choose Positivity When Life Knocks You Down

In life, there are different storms we find ourselves in. We are attacked by storms no different than the weather. Some days it’s beautiful weather outside; other days, it’s cloudy and stormy.  Our ability to drive forward through those storms is key. During these times, you need an anchor, something you can focus on.

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Successful People Adopt a Sense of Urgency to build Self Confidence, Motivation and Esteem

A sense of urgency is what propels an idea into an achievement. It is what inspires people to be
productive and to create. It is what motivates highly successful people who are focused on being their best selves, having the drive needed to believe in themselves and see their goals all the way through. Time is our most valuable commodity. Knowing this, we should do everything in our power to not waste it by adopting a sense of urgency.

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Run, Hide, or Fight Back?

I wanted to write about the tragic active shooter situation, we had right here in Virginia Beach,.  Only about three miles from where I was when it occurred, I immediately thought of all our law enforcement officers that were involved in that shooting. It moved my heart #VBStrong and I felt compelled to talk to you about…

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